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3 Ways to Check if a Value is a Number in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we'll explore three different ways to check if a value is a number in JavaScript, using the isInteger(), typeof(), and isNaN() methods.

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The isInteger() Method

The isInteger() method in JavaScript accepts a single parameter, the value being tested. The method returns true if the value is numeric, and false if it isn't:

Number.isInteger(123) // true
Number.isInteger(-123) // true
Number.isInteger("123") // false
Number.isInteger(4 / 2) // true
Number.isInteger(5 / 2) // false

The typeof() Operator

The typeof operator returns the data type of a value. If the value is a number, it returns "number" as the value:

typeof(123) // number
typeof(-123) // number
typeof("123") // string
typeof([123]) // object

You can also run a comparison by writing a conditional statement:

var value = 123;

if (typeof(value) === "number") {
// value is numeric

The isNaN() Global Variable

The isNaN() function checks if a value is NaN (Not-a-Number). If isNaN(value) returns false, the value is numeric:

var value = 2;

isNaN(value) // false
isNaN("Hello") // true
isNaN({}) // true
isNaN(2) // false
isNaN(2.4) // false


Using isInteger(), typeof, and isNaN() methods, you can easily determine if a value is numeric in JavaScript. Each method has its specific use cases, making them versatile tools for type checking.

Posted by: Josh Rowe
Last Updated: May 18, 2024
Created: January 22, 2022


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