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Learn more about PHP with these informative tutorials, articles, and code examples!

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How to Create A WebSocket Server with PHP

Learn how to create a WebSocket server in PHP to handle real-time messages sent between users.

How to Create A Single Page Application with PHP

Learn how to build a single-page application with PHP. Step-by-step guide for creating dynamic web experiences efficiently.

PHP 301 Redirects: Functionality & Best Practices

Smooth URL transitions with PHP 301 redirects. Requirements, code examples, and best practices for search engine visibility.

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How to Setup A Laravel Development Environment

Learn how to set up a Laravel environment with this detailed guide, covering installation, configuration, and essential steps.

How to Create Conditional Statements in PHP

Learn how to create conditional statements in PHP with if, else, elseif, switch, and case statements.

Variables in PHP: Usage, Examples & Data Types

Variables in PHP are pieces of data identified by a name and have the ability to store data of many types.

Include Files in PHP

PHP allows you to include other PHP files using four different statements: include, include_once, require, and require_once.

PHP echo vs. print Statements

PHP has two ways to display output to the screen: echo and print. This tutorial will cover the differences between the two.

How to Trim Characters from a String with PHP

In this tutorial, we'll look into how you can remove whitespace and other characters from a string using the trim function in PHP.

Merge PDF Files with PHP and GhostScript

This article provides a quick tutorial on merging multiple PDF files into a single file programmatically using PHP and Ghostscript

How to Prevent SQL Injections with PHP and MySQLi

Learn how to prevent SQL injections and protect your database using a simple PHP script and connecting to MySQL via MySQLi.

Web Scraping with PHP: Library and Regex Examples

This article explains what web scraping is and how to accomplish it either using a library or regular expressions within PHP.

How to Use Memcached in PHP for Faster Load Times

Use Memcached with PHP to improve web page load times, especially with database-intensive and dynamically driven applications.

PHP Arrays: Indexed, Associative & Multi-Dimensional

Learn how to work with PHP's three different array types: indexed arrays, associative arrays, and multi-dimensional arrays.

Send HTML Emails with the PHP PEAR Mail Library

Learn how to set up a PHP PEAR Mail Library installation on a Ubuntu server with the ability to send HTML emails via SMTP.

Minify HTML Page Output with This Simple PHP Script

Learn how to minify HTML output with this simple PHP script to improve web page load speeds and provide a better user experience.

What is PHP? How PHP Works & What It's Used For

What is PHP? Learn how PHP works, what it's used for, and how to create a script in this descriptive and in-depth article.