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Learn more about JavaScript by reading up on these informative articles, tutorials, and code snippets on Orangeable.

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How to Create a Simple Chat Room with JavaScript

This article walks through the steps of creating a simple JavaScript chat room with websockets and two server-side technologies.

Create a Smooth Animated Scroll with JavaScript

Learn how to create a smooth animated scroll with very little code in vanilla JavaScript. No third-party libraries are required!

JavaScript Equalizer Display with Web Audio API

Create a JavaScript Equalizer that utilizes the Web Audio API, a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio.

More Posts

How to Sort an Array of Objects in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we'll explore multiple ways to sort an array of objects in JavaScript and create a custom function.

How to Crop Image Whitespace with JavaScript

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to crop an image with JavaScript, removing unnecessary whitespace from the image's edges progra

Copy Text Using the Clipboard API in JavaScript

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to copy text to the clipboard using the Clipboard API in JavaScript.

Improving Code Readability: Comments in JavaScript

Learn how to utilize one of the most often overlooked features of many programming languages including JavaScript: Comments.

JavaScript Date Difference Calculations

Learn how to calculate the difference between two dates using vanilla JavaScript.

JavaScript Array Length: Get and Set Array Length

Learn how to get and set an array length in JavaScript, how to manipulate array elements and data, and how to empty arrays.

3 Ways to Check if a Value is a Number in JavaScript

In this article, we'll explore three different ways of checking if a value is a number in JavaScript.

How to Find & Remove Duplicates in JavaScript Arrays

In this tutorial, we'll discover how to find duplicates within an array in JavaScript, as well as how to remove the duplicates.

Filtering Array Values & Objects with JavaScript

This article covers the filter() method and how to filter values and objects using JavaScript.

How to Create a Simple Calculator with JavaScript

Learn how to create a simple calculator with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, with the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

How to Google Translate with JavaScript

Learn how to implement the Google Translate in JavaScript for translating page content into many different languages.

jQuery, AJAX & PHP Asynchronous Multiple File Upload

Learn how to chunk upload multiple files asynchronously in a single form submission using jQuery, AJAX, and PHP.

JavaScript Array: Push, Pop, Shift, Unshift & Splice

Learn how to alter and manipulate JavaScript arrays when using the push(), pop(), shift(), unshift(), and splice() methods.

jQuery Table Sorting: Sort Data on Header Click

Learn how to sort table data without plugins. All you need is jQuery and a few custom functions to get started!

JavaScript String Replacement: Simple Text & Regex

This article covers text and regular expression string replacement in JavaScript, one of the most common JS string operations.

JavaScript Promises: Resolve & Reject Code Examples

JavaScript Promises are a way of dealing with asynchronous operations and results, either with a resolve or reject callback.

Web Push Notifications in JavaScript with Push API

This article dives deep into implementing web push notifications with JavaScript and the Push API for the modern browser.

JavaScript Cookies: Get, Set, Delete & Security

Learn how to get, set, and delete cookies with JavaScript, as well as important cookie security features to take advantage of.

JavaScript includes() Method for Array Searching

The JavaScript includes() method determines whether or not an array contains a specific string or not, returning a boolean value.

Create a Random Number Generator with JavaScript

Learn how to create a random number generator with JavaScript, including how to generate a random number within a specified range.

JavaScript indexOf() Method for Arrays & Strings

Learn how to use the JavaScript indexof() method for returning array and string index values, character or word positions, etc.

Detecting Idle Browser Tabs: Page Visibility API

The Page Visibility API is a great resource for determining which of your browser windows or tabs are currently active or idle.

JavaScript Array map() Method: Arrays in JavaScript

Learn how to use the JavaScript Array map() method and how you can read, query, and transform array or page elements in an array.

How JavaScript Works: Engine, Runtime & Call Stack

Dive into a detailed overview of how JavaScript works, including details on the engine, runtime, call stack, and event queue.

localStorage vs. sessionStorage & Web Storage API

localStorage and sessionStorage are part of the Web Storage API, allowing you to save strings and key/value pairs locally.

JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() with JavaScript

JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() are powerful JavaScript functions used to parse and stringify objects and JSON strings.

The JavaScript forEach() Method for Array Looping

Learn how to use JavaScript's forEach() method to loop through array data and the benefits it provides versus an iterated loop.