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How to Create a Simple Chat Room with JavaScript

This article walks through the steps of creating a simple JavaScript chat room with websockets and two server-side technologies.

CSS Transitions: CSS Fade In and Out Animations

CSS transitions allow you to define an HTML element's opacity and animate them at your desire using Cascading Style Sheets.

CSS Filters: A Playground for Online Photo Editing

CSS filters provide a variety of effects you can use for online photo editing, including blur, brightness, grayscale, and more.

What is Orangeable?

Orangeable is web development unpeeled. An informative blog designed to help give back to the development community and create a useful learning center for new and advanced developers alike.

As a long time web developer, I'll be focusing on many front and backend technologies that run the web today, including development, best practices, technical write-ups, and news for languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, and much more.

It takes a lot of work and practice to become proficient but, above all, it's most important to remember to have fun with it! My goal is to keep web development fun and exciting while you embark on this amazing journey!

Feel free to reach out and say hello or share any projects you're working on. I love seeing new creations and passion projects! Take care and enjoy!

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Send SMS Messages From a Link with HTML

Links have been around since the dawn of the internet. This article explores sending custom SMS messages using simple HTML links.

HTML5 Video Tag: Autoplay, Controls, Subtitles & Events

Explore the HTML5 video tag and its features from autoplay and playback controls to JavaScript events and accessibility options.

Web Scraping with PHP: Library and Regex Examples

This article explains what web scraping is and how to accomplish it either using a library or regular expressions within PHP.

Fixed Table Headers with Pure CSS: Sticky On Scroll

Fixed table headers are the perfect solution for retaining the column and row header views for tables with large amounts of data.

How to Create a Smooth Animated Scroll with JavaScript

Learn how to create a smooth animated scroll with very little code in vanilla JavaScript. No third-party libraries are required!

JavaScript String Replace: Text & Regular Expressions

This article covers text and regular expression string replacement in JavaScript, one of the most common JS string operations.

Bootstrap 5 Release Date, Important Updates & Features

Bootstrap 5 release date, important updates, features, and information you'll need to know for the latest release of Bootstrap.

22 Useful HTML Input Types To Use On Your Website

HTML input types provide some of the most complex and powerful functionality available on the web. This article cover all of them.

JavaScript Promises Tutorial: Resolve & Reject Example

JavaScript Promises are a way of dealing with asynchronous operations and results, either with a resolve or reject callback.

JavaScript Array Length: Get and Set Array Length

Learn how to get and set an array length in JavaScript, how to manipulate array elements and data, and how to empty arrays.

How to Send HTML Emails with the PHP PEAR Mail Library

Learn how to set up a PHP PEAR Mail Library installation on a Ubuntu server with the ability to send HTML emails via SMTP.

How to Install Memcached on Windows and Linux Servers

Installing Memcached in your Window or Linux environment allows you to leverage memory caching for faster application load times.

CSS Animations with Keyframes and the @keyframe Rule

Learn how to create CSS animations with keyframes, an advanced CSS transition method where you control each step of an animation.

Styling Scrollbars with CSS in All Modern Browsers

Learn the art of styling scrollbars with CSS in all modern browsers, width different customization options for width, color, etc.

HTML Table Creation: The Definitive How-To Guide

Create HTML tables to arrange data in the form of text, images, links, and more into a presentable two-dimensional grid layout.

Web Push Notifications in JavaScript with the Push API

This article dives deep into implementing web push notifications with JavaScript and the Push API for the modern browser.

JavaScript Arrays: Push, Pop, Shift, Unshift, & Splice

Learn how to alter and manipulate JavaScript arrays when using the push(), pop(), shift(), unshift(), and splice() methods.

A CSS Parallax Scroll Effect For All Modern Browsers

Learn how to create a parallax scroll effect with pure CSS that works in all modern desktop and mobile browsers magnificently.

Learn HTML in 10 Minutes: HTML Basics for the Beginner

This article will teach you the basics of HTML and page structure, and how to create a simple website in ten minutes or less.

MySQL LIMIT and OFFSET Clauses & ResultSet Pagination

Divide your resultsets into chunks for better page optimization and user experiences using MySQL LIMIT and OFFSET the clauses.

JavaScript Cookies: Get, Set, Delete & Cookie Security

Learn how to get, set, and delete cookies with JavaScript, as well as important cookie security features to take advantage of.

How to Install SSL for Apache Virtual Hosts in Linux

Learn how to install and set up an Apache virtual host on Ubuntu Linux to utilize the HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate.

JavaScript includes() Method for Array Searching

The JavaScript includes() method determines whether or not an array contains a specific string or not, returning a boolean value.

Minify HTML Page Output with This Simple PHP Script

Learn how to minify HTML output with this simple PHP script to improve web page load speeds and provide a better user experience.

Twitter Cards: Card Types, Dimensions, and Validator

Adding Twitter Cards to your website can help you establish and present your brand to millions of potential viewers and customers.

What is PHP? How PHP Works & What It's Used For

What is PHP? Learn how PHP works, what it's used for, and how to create a script in this descriptive and in-depth article.

How to Use Memcached in PHP for Faster Load Times

Use Memcached with PHP to improve web page load times, especially with database-intensive and dynamically driven applications.

PHP Arrays: Indexed, Associative & Multi-Dimensional

Learn how to work with PHP's three different array types: indexed arrays, associative arrays, and multi-dimensional arrays.

Create a Random Number Generator with JavaScript

Learn how to create a random number generator with JavaScript, including how to generate a random number within a specified range.

Create a Cron Job with Crontab in Linux with Examples

Learn how to create a list of schedule tasks with Cron and a Crontab file that run in the background of your Linux environment.

How to Setup Secure WebSocket with HTTPS in Apache

Set up and configure a secure websocket connection over TLS, a configuration highly recommended for production environments.

The JavaScript indexOf() Method for Arrays and Strings

Learn how to use the JavaScript indexof() method for returning array and string index values, character or word positions, etc.

Detecting Idle Browser Tabs with the Page Visibility API

The Page Visibility API is a great resource for determining which of your browser windows or tabs are currently active or idle.

JavaScript Equalizer with the Web Audio API

Create a JavaScript Equalizer that utilizes the Web Audio API, a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio.

10 Awesome CSS Tricks Every Web Designer Should Know

This guide will outline some of the most common CSS tricks and scenarios, and their solutions that will turn you into a CSS pro.

Set Up a Website and Apache Virtual Hosts in Ubuntu

This guide will teach you how to set up multiple websites within an Apache virtual hosts on a Ubuntu 18.04 Linux server.

JavaScript Array map() Method: Arrays in JavaScript

Learn how to use the JavaScript Array map() method and how you can read, query, and transform array or page elements in an array.

How JavaScript Works: The Engine, Runtime & Call Stack

Dive into a detailed overview of how JavaScript works, including details on the engine, runtime, call stack, and event queue.

Create a Node.js Web Server with the Express Framework

Learn how to create a functioning Node.js web server with the Express framework in both development and production environments.

localStorage vs. sessionStorage & the Web Storage API

localStorage and sessionStorage are part of the Web Storage API, allowing you to save strings and key/value pairs locally.

CSS Specificity Rules and the !important Property

Specificity is a weight applied to CSS declarations that determines the most relevant CSS property values within a given element.

JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() with JavaScript

JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() are powerful JavaScript functions used to parse and stringify objects and JSON strings.

The JavaScript forEach() Method for Array Looping

Learn how to use JavaScript's forEach() method to loop through array data and the benefits it provides versus an iterated loop.

Create a REST API in Node.js and the Express Framework

Learn how to create a simple user management REST API in Node.js using the Express framework and a few GET and POST methods.

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