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Learn HTML in 10 Minutes

This article will teach you the basics of HTML and how to create a simple website in ten minutes or less with the most commonly used HTML tags.

What is PHP?

This article answers the question 'What is PHP?', and dives into some PHP history, common uses, and code samples to get you started.

The JavaScript Array includes() Method

The JavaScript arrays includes() method determines whether or not an array contains a specified element.

Working With Cookies in JavaScript - The Ultimate Guide

This article covers setting and retrieving cookie data in your web browser using JavaScript.

Bootstrap 5 Release Date and Important Updates

The Bootstrap 5 release date plus important updates and information you'll need to know.

10 CSS Tricks Every Web Designer Should Know

Some CSS solutions can be tricky. This quick guide will outline some of the most common CSS scenarios, and their solutions that will turn you into a CSS pro.

JavaScript forEach() Method and Array Looping

The forEach method is a JavaScript Array method used to execute a function on each array element in order and was introduced in ECMAScript 2015.

How to Create a Simple Chat Room with JavaScript

This article explains the steps needed to create a simple chat room using a few different server-side technologies you can choose from. Either PHP or Node.js.

localStorage and sessionStorage with JavaScript

localStorage and sessionStorage are useful tools that are part of the Web Storage API, allowing you to save strings and key/value pairs locally.

JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() Functions with JavaScript

JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() are powerful methods used to parse and stringify JavaScript objects and JSON strings.

Create Your First Node.js Web Server with Express

Learn how to create your first Node.js Web Server with Express in both development and production environments.

CSS Fade Out Transition

CSS fade transitions allow you to define an HTML element's opacity rules and animate to your desired visibility using Cascading Style Sheets.

CSS Keyframe Animation

Learn how to create a CSS keyframe animation, a more advanced CSS transition method where you can control each step of an animation.

JavaScript Equalizer with the Web Audio API

In this example, we'll be creating a JavaScript Equalizer that utilizes the Web Audio API, a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio.

Create a REST API with Node.js and Express

One of the primary uses of Node.js is creating a clean, secure backend API. We'll use various HTTP methods to create your first Node.js REST API.

Pagination with MySQL LIMIT

Learn what pagination is and how to divide your data sets into chunks for better page optimization and user experiences using the MySQL LIMIT clause.

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