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Web Development Unpeeled

Learn JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, React, Vue.js, and many other languages and best practices with these detailed and informative articles and tutorials.

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If you're brand new to web development, then this is the perfect place to start! HTML is the foundation of every web page, and learning it will give you a good understanding of how web pages are built and structured.

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Learn HTML in 10 Minutes: HTML Basics for Beginners

This article will teach you the basics of HTML, page structure, and how to create a simple website in just ten minutes.

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Use Jump Links to Scroll to Specific Parts of a Page

Learn how to create Jump links in HTML, allowing you to jump to specific parts of a web page without an additional page request.

How to Force File Downloads with Anchor Tags in HTML

Instruct browsers to force-download files using anchor links in HTML with the download attribute.

3 Ways to Check if a Value is a Number in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we'll explore three different ways to check if a value is a number in JavaScript.

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How to Create A WebSocket Server with PHP

Learn how to create a WebSocket server in PHP to handle real-time messages sent between users.

How to Create A WebSocket Server with Node.js

Learn how to create a WebSocket server in Node.js with the websocket and http libraries.

React Context API: Implementation & Examples

In this tutorial, we'll walk through the fundamentals of React Context API and how to use it effectively in your application.

React Hooks: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

In this tutorial, we'll cover the basics of React Hooks and show you how to use them in your React applications.

React Router: A Beginner's Guide with Examples

In this tutorial, we'll cover the basics of React Router and how to set it up in your React application.

How to Save Text to A File in Node.js

This tutorial will teach you how to save text to a file in Node.js using the built-in File System module.

The Anatomy of a package.json File in Node.js

Explore the inner workings of a package.json file and how you can modify the configuration keys to fit the needs of your project.

How to Use JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) in Express.js

Learn how to generate, sign, and handle JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) in Node.js with Express and the built-in Crypto library.

How to Dump Data with the CFDump Tag in CFML

Learn how to dump data into a user-friendly, legible format and abort page processing with the cfdump tag in CFML.

How to Query A MySQL Database with NodeJS

Learn how to query a MySQL database with NodeJS and the MySQL library from the npm registry.

Create Variables & Set Values with CFSet in CFML

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create variables and set values with the cfset tag in CFML.

How to Query A Database with CFQuery in CFML

Learn how to build and execute database queries with CFML in this expansive tutorial with in-depth explanations and code examples.

Use CFLock to Lock Code & Protect Data in CFML

Learn how to prevent issues with data modification by implementing process control using the cflock tag in CFML.

How to Set Cookies with the CFCookie Tag in CFML

Discover how to create and manage client-side and server-side cookies with the cfcookie tag in CFML, with code examples.

How to Use CFAbort to Halt Page Processing in CFML

Learn how to halt page processing with the cfabort tag in CFML. This tutorial contains common scenarios and code examples.

What is Orangeable?

Orangeable is Web Development Unpeeled - An informative blog designed to help give back to the community and create a useful learning spot for new and advanced developers alike.

My name is Josh Rowe. As a long time web developer, I'll be focusing on many client-side and server-side technologies that run the web today, including coding, best practices, technical write-ups, and news for languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, React, Vue.js, and much more.

It takes a lot of work and practice to become proficient but, above all, it's most important to remember to have fun with it! My goal is to keep web development fun and exciting while you embark on this amazing journey!

Feel free to reach out and say hello or share any projects you're working on. I love seeing new creations and passion projects! Take care and enjoy!

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