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Learn more about HTML with these informative articles, tutorials, and code snippets!

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Use Jump Links to Scroll to Specific Parts of a Page

Learn how to create Jump links in HTML, allowing you to jump to specific parts of a web page without a page request.

Send SMS Messages From a Link with HTML

Links have been around since the dawn of the internet. This article explores sending custom SMS messages using simple HTML links.

Learn HTML in 10 Minutes: HTML Basics for Beginners

This article will teach you the basics of HTML, page structure, and how to create a simple website in just ten minutes.

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Web Accessibility: Importance, Tools & Examples

Discover the importance of web accessibility and tools you can use to make your website readable and useable by anyone.

HTML Comments: Improving Code Readability

Learn how to comment in HTML, how comments are used, and why they're important.

HTML DOCTYPE Declaration: Following Web Standards

The DOCTYPE declaration is the first entry that should appear at the top of all HTML documents to meet current web standards.

22 HTML Input Types To Utilize On Your Website

HTML input types provide some of the most complex and powerful functionality available on the web. This article cover all of them.

How to Force File Downloads with Anchor Tags in HTML

Instruct browsers to force-download files using anchor links in HTML with the download attribute.

How to Create Mailto Links in HTML

With HTML mailto links, you can send direct messages, carbon copy, blind carbon copy, and edit the subject line and message body.

HTML Color Codes: RGB & Hexadecimal

Learn how to create color using color codes in HTML, both RGB and hexadecimal, with a table referencing all the color names.

SVG Lines in HTML

A quick tutorial to teach you how to create lines with SVG in HTML.

SVG Ellipses in HTML

A quick tutorial to teach you how to create ellipses with SVG in HTML.

SVG Circles in HTML

A quick tutorial to teach you how to create circles with SVG in HTML.

SVG Rectangles in HTML

A quick tutorial to teach you how to create rectangles with SVG in HTML.

SVG Polygons in HTML

A quick tutorial to teach you how to create polygons with SVG in HTML.

SVG Polylines in HTML

A quick tutorial to teach you how to create polylines with SVG in HTML.

Add An Autocomplete Feature with HTML5 Datalist

This article will teach you how to create an autocomplete feature with the HTML5 datalist tag.

The Details & Summary Tags in HTML

Learn how to create a details element with a summary heading and additional content you can toggle on and off using HTML.

Twitter Cards: Validator, Types & Image Dimensions

Adding Twitter Cards to your website can help you establish and present your brand to millions of potential viewers and customers.

HTML5 Video: Autoplay, Controls, Events & Subtitles

Explore the HTML5 video tag and its features from autoplay and playback controls to JavaScript events and accessibility options.

HTML Table Creation: The Definitive How-To Guide

Create HTML tables to arrange data in the form of text, images, links, and more into a presentable two-dimensional grid layout.