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Location Reload: How to Reload a Page in JavaScript

This tutorial will teach you how to reload a page with the Location.reload() method, available in JavaScript's built-in window.location object and Location API.

The Syntax


forceReload is an optional boolean argument, determining whether or not the reloaded page will contain fresh content or will contain a cached version from the browser.

A value of true reloads a fresh page from the server:


A value of false, or an omitted forceReload parameter, will reload a version of the page cached by the browser:


Assign to an HTML Element with an onClick Event

You can bind this event to any HTML element on a page using an onClick event handler:

<button type="button" onClick="window.location.reload();">Refresh</button>

Browser Support

The Location.reload() method in JavaScript is widely available in all modern browsers.

Created: September 03, 2022


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